Sunday, March 7, 2010

Metaphorically Speaking

Okay, I admit it. I have had a lame week, at least as far as Club activities are concerned. On second thought, that might not be quite true. In this club, as I am its only member, I can't just show up for the party. I must also fill the roles of lead logistician and chief strategist. And today, as a result of my behind the scenes efforts, I officially went live with Operation Good Karma by attending my first Stand Up for Kids planning session.

I felt like a lioness on the prowl, keeping her senses on full alert for any sign of prey. Her ears twitching at the slightest rustling in the high savannah grass, a mere whisper to go unnoticed by the casual passer-by. But to her, the message is as big as the savannah itself -- "We actually have a lot more men, but they're probably all out playing basketball in this nice weather." Oh really? Now the lioness tenses her svelte musculature, unaware of her own power, and waits for confirmation; another rustle, a breath quietly exhaled, perhaps for the last time. And then it comes. "Outreach teams are generally in groups of two - one man and one woman." Fabulous. Her whiskers rise slightly into what might be called a smile, if lionesses could smile, and she thinks to herself, "Cougar, eat your heart out."

Oh, and I also volunteered my firm's conference room for outreach training. Upon approval, of course. Did I mention I'm a little impulsive?

Now that some of the heavy lifting has been done, I can get back to the lighter side of things. Tomorrow promises to be another beautiful day, perfect for a little power-flirting. I'm thinking a #1 with props, should a #2 opportunity present itself. A folder full of subliminal messages printed on plain white paper will do the trick.

Time for some beauty rest. Good night lads and lassies, and as always, feel free to talk back.

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