Tuesday, March 2, 2010

That's Just Crazy Talk

I have written and deleted about five openers to this post so far. Why? Because they have all started out so negative!  For instance, I had a nice paragraph or so contemplating the possibility that all of Alice in Chains' songs were actually written by an unfulfilled, emotionally raw, single mom. That's not possible. Right?

Not to worry, tomorrow is therapy day! I'll be feasting on food for thought, and washing it down with tears I swore I wouldn't cry, come lunchtime. Then I'll pop in my Alice in Chains cd for the ride back to the office. It's all part of the healing process.

Okay, two really positive developments today as far as my romantical strategery is concerned. I have been invited by the organizers of Stand Up For Kids to attend a volunteer meeting this Sunday. I sat here for a minute after writing that sentence picturing how the meeting will be. Why does some Dave Matthews look-alike keep popping into the picture?  My psyche has apparantely concocted an image of the ideal "volunteer guy," scruffy, handsome, brilliant, compassionate and open for business. See you on Sunday, hot stuff.

Also, the chair of Empower, ME-3's publication, has invited me to an Empower work session on April 8th. I'll be given an article/topic assignment! I can't wait to sink my teeth into this. I even get to take pictures to publish with the article.

Okay, so I'm not down in a hole as much as I thought, but I do still want to snuff the rooster in my neighbor's back yard.

Thanks for listening. You've been a fantastic audience.


  1. That Allison Chains woman, she's got a hard, hard row to hoe.

  2. This is good. That scruffy, handsome, brilliant, compassionate, open for business DM look alike is getting closer and closer (=
    Keep visualizing and he will eventually be right under your nose!
    (...well, not literally right under your nose, that would be weird and he would be tiny and able to see your nose hairs among other things! Okay...you know what I mean...)heehee