Saturday, February 20, 2010


Today slipped past without lending itself to making any new acquaintances.  My girls had commitments today that I was obliged to help them keep.  I, too, had a commitment to keep that I almost forgot about -- babysitting my sister's kiddos so she could have a very rare night out with her middle school sweetheart turned husband.  Yeah I know, awwwww.  Whatever.  Just kidding! 

Determined to not let the day go by without advancing my cause, I once again took to the information superhighway in search of the ultimate how-to-flirt advice.  I scored big time.  If any of you are like me and prefer exhaustive amounts of information regarding whatever subject you are currently obsessing over interested in, then you will understand.  What I found is a serious journal article authored by Kate Fox of the SIRC (Social Issue Research Centre).  As far as I'm concerned, this is the bible on how to flirt.  It has no advice even remotely similar to this gem I found in an article a few days ago:   
"If at all possible be a tall blonde. If not, try being a buxom redhead. In special cases, you may try to be either buxom or a redhead but it is not sufficient to be just blonde or just tall." 
Yes, that was really in one of the articles I happened across last week - sickening isn't it?  Of course it was meant tounge-in-cheek, but nonetheless it was no help at all.

If you or someone you know may be suffering from PID (personal interaction dysfunction) you should read this without further delay.  Seriously, don't finish my post, just click on it.  Now.

If you are symptom free, then stick around.  You won't want to miss this.  My 10-year-old told me yesterday that she was a "guy magnet" and had been since kindergarten.  I would have been remiss not to pick her brain for her best kept, guy magnetizing secrets.  Here they are, verbatim.
  1. Don't be desperate but be friendly.
  2. If you ever hear that they do like you, don't act crazy around them.
  3. Don't give them too many things to tell them that you like them - just be yourself.
Not bad.  Maybe not knowing this stuff really is a kind of impairment.  Maybe people with all of their chromosomes properly alligned are born knowing how to interact with the opposite sex, or whomever the object of their affection might be.  And the rest of us got protective head wear, special shoes, and an uncanny ability to spray it and not say it.

Tomorrow morning I'm off to Barnes & Noble to take my newly acquired knowledge for a test drive.  Until then, sweet dreams.

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