Friday, February 19, 2010

Red My Lips

So I haven't heard back from either of the volunteer organizations I emailed yesterday.  Maybe they need more volunteers on their getting back to people staff.  I'll contact them again on Monday.  I'm working on my follow-through.

Good news:  I just went to pick up a prescription for my daughter and I impulse bought some new shiny red lip-gloss.  I came right back to my cubicle and put it on.  It's sooo sassy!  Now I am motivated for my weekend assignments. 

To wit:
  1. Smile at everyone I see - man, woman, dog, pigeon, it doesn't matter.  Smiling is the number one signal that a person is open for business.  I really need some practice in this area.  I've been told more than once that I tend to look pretty uptight when I'm out among the masses.  That is not good.
  2. Grab a friend and go to Barnes & Noble.  In order to solidify my purpose, I hereby set a goal of talking to at least three men.  I won't limit them to datable men.   I won't even do a ring check first.  Oh, who am I kidding, yes I will.  But I won't let unavailability stop me from practicing saying "hello." 
Happy Friday!

PS: I changed my comment settings so that anyone can leave comments and they don't have to be approved by me before they are posted.  Unless I start attracting the crazies, I see no reason to be so selective.  Now that I think about it, having a few crazies might even be fun!


  1. Consider me a friend to be grabbed for B&N. I could spend hours in that place.

  2. Nice! B&N Sounds great... books, magazines, coffee...excellent "practice" setting, and...who knows???!
    Speaking of books and such, A very sweet, very wise friend recently told me to take some "me" time and read something relaxing...and I think I'll do just that! if you see me tucked in a corner somewhere at B&N - I may not be spying on your mission...(-;
    oh, yeah...I'm with you on the crazies could be fun thing - once in while, in moderation crazy can be excellent and it's never boring (-;

  3. Well then, consider yourself grabbed, Tanya! Melanie, your friend sounds like a genius. You should keep her around. Thanks again for your extraordinarily insighful words of encouragement!