Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Hump Day, Schmump Day

Argh.  Not a great week for getting out into the big wide world of romantic possibilities.  I've been busy and rather stressed, but I imagine those are just excuses to avoid jumping into that eternal game of double dutch called "the filtering process of dating and mate selection."  That sounds fancy doesn't it?  I learned that phrase just today in my Sociology of the Family class.  I also learned the phrase "late-life dating."  Good times. 

Here's the deal for me.  The idea of flirting is pleasant.  The planning is enjoyable.  The doing is quite a different sort of animal.  Creative thinking gives way to autonomic physical reactions such as blushing just in my left ear, talking too fast, and not having the wherewithal to realize that the bank I walked into 20 minutes ago didn't have sliding glass doors, so it probably still doesn't.

I have a theory I'd like to test.  Fitness experts say that if you can fit three 10 minute spurts of exercise into your day that you get the benifit of having worked out for 30 minutes.  I wonder if this also holds true for flirting fitness?  To find out I'll need to do some serious brainstorming and come up with some power-flirting routines  These would be short but intensive sessions geared toward little things like getting over the feeling that my eyes are being gouged out with a hot poker when they meet someone's gaze. 

In addition to my own ideas, I must also beseech thee, my little group of faithful readers, to give me some of yours.  Surely you also have learned to get over a fear or two. (That sentence was so Sarah Palin!)  How did you do it?  How do you feel when someone you don't know says hello to you?  When you're walking down the sidewalk and the guy (or girl) coming the other way makes eye contact with you does it freak you out or make you feel happy?   Even if we've never met and I have no idea who you are, HELP ME!  I am not good at this and my nerdy researching skills can only get me so far!

Thank you in advance for your time and attention to this matter. 


  1. Back to an earlier post, I'm a buxom redhead and it hasn't helped my flirting skills at all. I think I'm too friendly, which appears desperate. As a matter of fact, I've been happily married for years and I believe my husband is secretly attracted to brunettes -- not so secretly, because I can tell. Anyway, in my VAST experience with dating (NOT!!!), we'll say observing the dating patterns of all my single girlfriends, I've found that having the courage to do things alone, makes you appear more confident and therefore more attractive to the opposite sex. I believe men like confident women, who seem perfectly happy sitting alone. It creates a challenge for them, an opportunity. I think you should try going to a coffee shop (independent one in Durham or Chapel Hill) by yourself, show a little cleavage, wear your red glossy lipstick, your sexiest perfume and read an interesting book. Caffeine makes people talk. Appear aloof, but approachable (is that a conundrum?)

  2. Thanks for chiming in! You just pumped me up! I'm already thinking of what shirts I have in my closet that I could wear to said indy coffee shop. I'm thinking that a Saturday afternoon would be the ideal time for this outing, what do you think?