Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ways and Means

This morning, after several internet searches in pursuit of some sound how-to-attract-a-man advice, I finally found some stuff I could use.  Specifically, step number 3 of How to Easily Attract the Man of Your Dreams prescribes "volunteer[ing] yourself to a charitable organization."  Not a bad idea, really.  Two of the most important traits I value in a man are charity and kindness.  What better way to find such a fellow than in the very act of being kind and charitable?

Finding volunteer opportunities in Raleigh that were both well suited to my skills and had potential as a means to meet interesting single men was much easier than I thought it would be, thanks to a little site called  Within 10 minutes I came across two organizations that suit me perfectly: Stand Up for Kids and ME3

Stand Up for Kids is a group committed to the help and rescue of homeless and street kids.  I applied to help them out in two possible capacities: working one-on-one with the kids as a "street counselor" and/or soliciting celebreties to donate hats to be auctioned off on eBay, a fundraising campaign they call Hats Off for Kids (sort of odd, but intriguing just the same).

ME-3 is a volunteer-run organization that promotes volunteerism in general in the Raleigh area.  They are looking for people who like to research (✓) and write (✓) to be part of their publication that features volunteers, volunteerism, and different non-profit groups.  Since I would pretty much be perfect for the job I emailed them for more information.

Do you think this could work?  Do you know anyone who has met their husband/wife, boyfriend/girlfriend doing volunteer work?  What is the appropriate attire for philanthropic flirting?  Is one really a philanthropist if she is only donating her time?  I would truly love some commentary on each and every one of these questions. 

Tomorrow I hope I'll have some news to report vis-à-vis responses from the aforementioned volunteer organizations.  (Read that sentence again. It was really fun to write and I don't want it to be overlooked.)

I encourage you give me some feed-back.  I know ya'll are looking, I see you.  Sound off like you've got a pair (of hands to type with)!


  1. When I helped on a Habitat for Humanity build on my birthday back in November I was TOTALLY gaga over the site manager. I forget his name, but he was single and hot like my own personal Ty Pennington. Perhaps spending a weekend painting at a HFH site could lead you to a similar find?

  2. Very cool, this could work! It's good on so many levels and things like that always return good things (-;
    I don't know anyone personally, however... check this link out when you get a chance:
    They like it! ...along w/what looks like some great advice on how to choose your charities carefully...and which you choose will depend on what you wear my friend...

  3. After reading my blog today my oldest daughter asked me if I was really going to auction myself off for charity.

    I am definitely going to look into HFH. The ivillage article liked that idea, too. I think I might even wrangle some friends into doing it with me. Thanks for your feed-back!

  4. Don't forget the SPCA. They require a training class, but it's only a few hours on a Saturday morning and then you're in.