Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Winging It

She entered the dimly lit market, her eyes darting around in search of her target.  She crept stealthfully over to the chilled single-serve fruit juice/smoothie section, being careful not to let anyone on to her mission.  After choosing a tropical fruit flavored protein shake, she made her way to the deli.  That's when she spotted him.  He was looking at chicken wings, so she too looked at chicken wings.  She had infiltrated his territory and now it was time to make the hit.  She had no choice - the point of no return was behind her now. 

"Hmm, have you ever tried their wings?" she asked, looking first at the (not really handsome, but single) stranger and then into the glass deli case.  "No" he said, "but I'm thinking about it."  The intensity was rising.  The air was thick with anticipation and the aroma of honey barbecue sauce.  She studied the chicken wings again and said "me too, but there are so many flavors to choose from."  He tried to play it cool, pretending to send a text, but his trembling hands betrayed him.  She said the only thing left to say.  "Chipotle bacon, that can't be good for you."  Then she crept away, just as mysteriously as she had appeared.

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